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27 February 2013

House Shopping!

Praying for Jacob and his bride Jenny as they start some serious “house shopping” in the next couple weeks out here in Nebraska!  Moving from the Twin Cities in Minnesota to Scotia – with a population sign of 320 (and even that is being generous) – the housing market is is on the skim side!  Just praying that God would...
27 February 2013

4:30 AM Practices!

WeakSide has been meeting at Chalk Hills at 4:30 a.m. for Bible Study and practice in preparation for our upcoming release party of our newest album “Unremembered Places”!  Craziness…  So for those of you who are up at such an insane hour (Pastor Frank), you might lift us up during your prayer time!
You Are God // WeakSide - You Are God
  1. You Are God // WeakSide - You Are God
  2. Even Though the Sky Falls // WeakSide - You Are God
  3. Refuge // WeakSide - You Are God
  4. Maker (sample) // WeakSide - You Are God