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13 January 2015


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MAKER //  Based on Revelation 4:11 The miracle of every heart that beats The melody that makes me want to move my feet The manufacturing of every political seat Is from You.  Is for You The majesty revealed in Your beautiful Word The metamorphosis every time John Piper’s heard The mystery of grace that could never be earned Is from You.  Is for You....
07 January 2015

Searching for Meaning

A Search for Meaning in Life When WeakSide was just getting started, nearly 16 years ago, I thought that the accomplishment of musical success would bring real happiness and satisfaction into my life.  Well, though WeakSide is still far from laying our hands on anything close to “musical success” in the worlds eyes, I have come to learn (through other...
28 August 2013


Did you know that you’ll spend approximately four years of your life just waiting for things! As in 1,460 days of doing nothing…but waiting. Like waiting at the dentist’s office. Waiting for that phone call. Waiting in the elevator. Waiting in the checkout line. Waiting for your bride to get ready. Waiting in the bleachers for the game to start....
17 April 2013

Tears and Glass

Have you ever had a friend tell you something about himself/herself that changed your relationship? Maybe this friend shared a deep secret with you that made it impossible for your relationship to ever be quite the same again? Like maybe after four years of marriage, your wife tells you that she has a black belt in karate! Or after ten...
02 March 2013

Starfish Story

Making a Difference* The early morning waves gently kiss the shore and the sun begins splashing its colors across the dawning sky as the elderly gentleman takes his usual walk along the beach. With the thumb of his left hand, he slowly brushes at the sand on a smooth piece of sea glass. Gingerly, he safeguards his morning coffee in...
You Are God // WeakSide - You Are God
  1. You Are God // WeakSide - You Are God
  2. Even Though the Sky Falls // WeakSide - You Are God
  3. Refuge // WeakSide - You Are God
  4. Maker (sample) // WeakSide - You Are God