A band with a different mission

In the midst of hundreds of Christian artists competing for the main stage across America, there is one band that has exited the spotlight in pursuit of a far different vision over the past decade: being the voice of Jesus where mainstream doesn’t reach.

Our Latest Albums

Fresh from the WeakSide studio
  • Free
    1. Hallelujah // Free
  • Let It Out
    1. Let It Out // WeakSide - Let It Out
    2. Erase (sample) // WeakSide - Let It Out
  • Tears and Glass
    1. Tears And Glass // WeakSide - Tears and Glass
  • Unremembered Places
    1. Unremembered Places // WeakSide - Unremembered Places
    2. Dear Friend (sample) // Unremembered Places
    3. Alibi (sample) // WeakSide - Unremembered Places
    4. Beautiful Things (sample) // WeakSide - Unremembered Places
    5. My Fathers World // WeakSide - Unremembered Places

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13 January 2015


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MAKER //  Based on Revelation 4:11 The miracle of every heart that beats The melody that makes me want to move my feet The manufacturing...
07 January 2015

Searching for Meaning

A Search for Meaning in Life When WeakSide was just getting started, nearly 16 years ago, I thought that the accomplishment of musical success would...
28 August 2013


Did you know that you’ll spend approximately four years of your life just waiting for things! As in 1,460 days of doing nothing…but waiting. Like...

Latest Videos

You Are God // WeakSide - You Are God
  1. You Are God // WeakSide - You Are God
  2. Even Though the Sky Falls // WeakSide - You Are God
  3. Refuge // WeakSide - You Are God
  4. Maker (sample) // WeakSide - You Are God